Industrial Line

Superpizza TR3 LS group

This group has been specifically engineered for largescale production. It is able to produce dough with round shape or with other geometric shapes. The dough can be placed directly on the pans or on conveyor belts for additional stuffing.

The shape of the dough is determined by an easy-to-remove mold. The continuous sheeting process reduce the dough to the required thickness maintaining the good quality of the dough.


Die cuttings in a variety of different shapes and sizes, easy to replace.

Big hopper to contain large quantities of dough.

Multiple flour dusters in different points of the production line.

Dough punching system to eliminate air bubbles with an on/off lever.

Disks of dough ready to be stuffed or to be transferred to other equipments.

90 degree angle for laboratory spaces with smaller areas.

Orthogonal rolling of the dough to eliminate longitudinal stress.

Side scrap dough retrieval into the tank or into the hopper.

Pizza and focaccia automatic loading on square and rectangular pans.

Easy-to-remove conveyor belt.

Dosing device with nozzles of large size and tomato spread device.

Disks of dough loading on pans covered with tomato sauce and ready for additional stuffing.

Details and Technical features