Industriale Breadstick Machine

The machine is built of stainless steel and makes breadsticks and other products to geometrical shape by a previously sheeted puff pastry


The cut and the placement of breadsticks on the pans are fully automatic. A speed variator controls the tension of breadsticks on the pan. A lever allows to change the length of the breadsticks with the machine in motion. It is suitable for kneading dough soft and hard and can be supplied with flat or corrugated pans. All rotating parts are assembled on bearings. The machine is at the forefront and built with the most modern technologies available on the market.

The sheeter is built of stainless steel and exclusively studied to produce a continuous ribbon of dough without joints to assure a continuity of production avoiding harmful breakings of the breadsticks


The tickness of the dough is adjusted individually on each sheeting group and it is numerically shown by appropriate indicators. The sheeter is made up of three groups of pressure rolling and by one group of six cylinders rotating on its axis that allow to obtain minimum ticknesses

The speed of the four groups is regulated and synchronized by appropriate inverter. In addition two joggers side reinforce the outer edges of the dough

Pre-hopper-breaking machine with capacity 150 kg. of dough equipped with staircase with balcony. It can be high or low.

Breadsticks spreader device with spreading and concentric springs at right and left spiral.

Unloader of breadsticks from the pans with underlying conveyor belt to the machine counts breadsticks.

Machine counts and/or weighs breadsticks with automatic or manual feeding.

Details and Technical features